The Advantages Of Barrier Free Bathing

Posted February 18, 2016

As we and our loved ones age, the need for barrier free bathing becomes more evident. For the elderly or disabled, the struggle of entering and exiting a tub or shower is not only inconvenient, but it can be dangerous as well. Whether you are experiencing lack of mobility, healing from surgery or a more permanent disability, a custom bath or shower unit can save you time while making you more safe and comfortable in your own home. You can enjoy the advantages of a handicap accessible shower in Norfolk with just a bit of customization to your existing residential bath.

Barrier free bathing means that your bath or shower is built to be safer as it has no glass door, no tall threshold or tub side to navigate. Getting in isn’t so difficult for some, but getting out can certainly be a challenge. If you’re severely limited on mobility or in a wheelchair, having no barrier makes your bath or shower accessible and eliminates the danger of stepping over a high threshold.

Every family member should be able to bathe safely and comfortably. By walking or rolling into your tub without having to step over a rim, you avoid slips and falls. A permanent seat can be installed as well, giving you stability while you bathe and relax. A walk-in tub can be twice as deep as a regular tub, allowing you to soak in comfort. Some tubs even come with a therapeutic massage jet feature and shower wands for easy bathing.

Transform your home with a handicap accessible shower in Norfolk so that your elderly or disabled family members can gain some independence. The Slip-resistant, textured floors of the fiberglass units come with features like a safety seat and grab bars for added security. Choose from different colors and patterns to maintain style in your bathroom.

The units are mold and mildew resistant, making them a very low-maintenance feature for your home. The upgrade of a handicap accessible shower in Norfolk can also add value to your home. Call a contractor today to get started on making your bath safer and easier to use.


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