Thinking About Remodeling Your Bathroom?

You Might Have Some Questions – We’re Here To Answer Them.

It’s only natural that you have questions. Home remodeling and home improvements are a lot more complicated and difficult than they make it out to be on those DIY Reality Television shows. Especially when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Everything has to come together perfectly or you are going to be facing construction delays, cost overruns, and a lot of headaches. In our experience, many people usually have the same types of questions about there bathroom remodel, so we have compiled those questions we get asked most often and placed them here in the hopes of maybe answering some of yours. If for some reason you don’t see your questions answered, please feel free to call us. We would be happy to discuss and answer any questions you may have.

Question List

What Can You Tell Me About The People That Work For Quality Advantage Home Products?

Each candidate for employment must be a citizen of the United States or a legal resident. Quality Advantage Home Products employees must possess a valid Driver’s License. They must consent to random Drug and Alcohol testing, must consent to a nationwide background search and must undergo a personality profile prior to receiving an offer of employment with Quality Advantage Home Products. Once the terms of employment are met, the training in “100% Customer Satisfaction” begins in earnest. Job-site safety and skills development training are regularly scheduled with attendance mandatory; ensuring customers that each employee is certified in the installation of the selected products and can install those products without harm to himself, those around him, or a homeowner’s property.

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What Does Your No Hassle Guarantee Mean?

When we say “No hassles”, we mean no hassles. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire experience. That way you always know what’s going on. To us, the experience is everything. That means that we put our know-how and expertise to work for you to make your remodeling experience the best it can be. “No hassles” means that when we give you a deadline, we stick to it. We don’t want any part of the experience to be bad for you, so we make sure that every part of the process is meticulously planned for and precisely done.

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What Do Your Services Cost? And, How Do You Stack Up Against The Competition?

We never aim to be the lowest priced company. We aim to be the most accurately priced – best value for the money – company. Our prices usually fall in the medium range of the market, so we’re neither the cheapest nor the most expensive. Our goal is to tell you exactly how much our services cost in the job bid proposal we provide. Accuracy is critical. Once we give you a job-bid construction proposal, we strive to give you the best bang for your buck, so to speak. We compete on quality, service and experience – not on price. After all, your home is worth much more than saving a few dollars. In the end we compete with our experience, our reliability and our dedication to the perfect job. We then provide the best price we can. Our accurate estimates will mean you know how much the job will cost, with no nasty surprises in the end.

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How Do You Know If A Remodeler Is Trustworthy?

Not all contractors in Hampton, VA (or anywhere else for that matter) are what they seem. They give you a great estimate – and promise the moon – but then when it comes time to deliver, they show up late or don’t show up at all, they take forever, you never know what’s going on with your project and the list goes on. Then there are bathroom remodeling contractors out there who aren’t crooks, but are just having a hard time, or just don’t know what they’re doing. There are still others who provided a lowball estimate, and have to “go-cheap” on materials and products or cut corners in order to keep the job near budget. To keep you safe and to make sure you hire a competent contractor – we’ve developed a simple to read guide on how to know a trustworthy contractor when you meet them. We call it our “Contractor Selection Guide” and it tells you everything you need to know about how to judge your potential bathroom contractor.

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Aren’t All Remodelers The Same?

Point Blank: All remodelers are not the same. There are good ones, and there are bad ones. There are contractors out there that are mostly good, but have bad projects every now and then. They have delays or go over budget because of unforeseen circumstances. But then there are the really bad ones. The ones who purposely mislead their clients. In fact, some remodelers are so bad that there is now a reality TV show called; “To Catch A Contractor.” Most remodelers try to fit their work into your idea of a “cheap” budget, betting that you’re a homeowner that is competing on price alone. That means they want to charge you for the most they can inside your budget while meeting your lowest ideas of what you can afford. The problem with this approach is that most customers can actually afford to do much more with their budgets than most contractors will allow them to believe. Even with a low budget, a lot of work can be done. For example, take a look at your walk in tub or shower. Most contractors take a “one-size-fits-all” approach and buy your walk in shower or tub “off the shelf.” Unfortunately, when you try to take a “one-size-fits-all” stock walk in tub (or shower) and fit it into your home you inevitably run into problems. (that’s why we custom measure and custom build your tub or shower.) These problems result in one of two outcomes…the proverbial rip-and-stick where they hide the glaring faults of the shower (or tub) and use a few screws, a lot of shims, and whole lot more caulking and call it good. This keeps their profits intact. After all, a large portion of a bathroom remodel happens “behind the walls” where you can’t see it. So when the job is done, there’s no way to tell how your products were installed. Or two, you have construction delays and increased costs because they now have to go back and do a lot of re-work to get your shower or tub to fit properly. We work in very different way. We are completely honest with you – so much so that we refuse to provide “estimates” or what we like to call “guesstimates.” Instead, we provide extraordinarily accurate “job-bid proposals” so that you know EXACTLY what you’re paying for. Then we do the job with no hassles and no fine print. It is all a matter of planning, preparation and experience.

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Why Do Remodelers Lie About Or Low Ball Their Estimates?

Simply stated: They want your business. That means they will do almost anything to make sure they have the best chance of getting you to sign a contract. That includes trying to lowball their estimates. They try to mold themselves into your budget. That means that even if you can afford more, they will try to offer you the lowest prices and materials possible in order to appear as the “best-deal.” But be warned: in home remodeling—and especially in bathroom remodeling— you will always get EXACTLY what you pay for.

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Do You Really Think That Your Company Is The Best?

Who really knows? There are literally hundreds of great bathroom remodeling contractors in out there in Hampton Roads, Hampton, and Virginia Beach, VA. The problem is separating the good from the bad. What we aim to do is be honest, provide quality—no hassle—work and the absolute best value for your hard earned dollars. If we sound like a company that you would like to work with, we invite you to call Quality Advantage Home Products today.

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Why Should I Consider A Tub-To-Shower Conversion?

A tub-to-shower conversion can turn your under-used, outdated tub into a fully functional shower. The conversion can usually be done in one day. This makes for a fast, low-mess, installation and gives your bath a sleek, modern look. Our tub-to-shower conversions can also make your bathroom easier to clean and maintain thanks to the non-porous acrylic we use to manufacture our products. This durable material is mold and mildew resistant and is guaranteed to never crack, peel, or fade. Safety: Two out of every five accidents around the home take place in the bathroom. A walk-in shower equipped with grab bars creates a safer environment for all family members. For the aging in place population, easy access step in showers are a perfect solution as they age and face mobility challenges. Our walk-in showers offer a luxurious and comfortable solution to bathroom safety. We offer a variety of tub conversions products including: Barrier free – This option is ideal for mobility-impaired individuals especially those in wheel chairs or anyone else who wants an easier way to enter and exit the shower. Low threshold – These easy to enter showers ensure a safe bathing experience since they can be entered or exited without having to take a large step. Built-in seated – This type of shower is ideal for those who cannot stand for long periods of time and also provide a comfortable shaving area for other bathers. No matter what style you choose, we can create a completely customized shower system.

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What If I Want To Update My Bathroom’s Look, But Want A Bathtub?

We certainly can update your bathroom with a new tub and surrounding walls. We offer several tub sizes and types including traditional, soaker and jetted tub all made of acrylic. Our wall systems come in a variety of wall colors including:

  • Sandstorm
  • Cliffside Marble
  • Copper Ridge
  • Moroccan Marble
  • Windstorm
  • Seaside
  • Champagne Travertine
  • Tahiti Marble And Solid colors
  • Alabaster White
  • Platinum Gray
  • Quarry Topaz
  • Sandshell Beige

And Premium Granite colors of:

  • Breccia Paradiso
  • Calcutta Gold
  • Crème Travertine

Your consultant will have samples of all of the colors and styles so you can see them in your own bathroom’s lighting.

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I Need To Replace My Toilet And Vanity Also. Can You Help With That?

Simply Baths by Quality Advantage offers a variety of choices of both toilets and vanities. We can install both for you. We can also offer you a choice of flooring and can paint your walls in the color you choose.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Walk-In Shower?

Safety: One popular reason why homeowners are choosing walk-in showers is due to the increased safety that comes from having this type of shower installed. Stepping over a high bathtub onto a wet, slippery floor is extremely dangerous, especially for those with physical limitations or the elderly. A walk-in ensures that your feet remain on solid ground. In addition, there are a variety of safety options such as seats or rails to hold on to for added security.

Spaciousness: Whether you are remodeling a bathroom with the intention of having a large, luxurious shower professionally installed or are having your tub converted into a shower, you will be grateful for the additional space you will receive. Families with small children know that it is dangerous to try to walk around in a traditional bathtub and shower combo when showering young children. The actual floor space, due to the walls of the bathtub, is very narrow and slippery. A walk-in shower, no matter how large, maximizes floor space and provides a tremendous amount of extra area to safely maneuver in. Even the family dog can be washed without making a mess if the need should arise. You will also enjoy the added benefit of being able to dry off within the warm confines of your shower due to the additional space. Most showers give you plenty of extra elbow room so you don’t have to step out into the cold air or drip on the floor, creating a slick and slippery additional safety concern.

Cleanliness: With the installation of a walk-in shower, you immediately benefit from a cleaner, healthier bathroom environment. Our acrylic walls alleviate scrubbing grout or having mold and mildew appear. Our bath and shower systems offer you the added exclusive protection of SILVER SHIELD. It is infused into our products for the lifetime of your bath system, the silver ions in SILVER SHIELD attack microbe cells to prevent bacteria from growing and reproducing. Simply cleaning your shower with a recommended cleaner and rinsing well keeps your bath system looking like the day it was installed!

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You Say My Choices Are Almost Limitless… What Did You Mean By That?

When you factor in color, style, fixtures, and hardware options along with material type, there are literally over 35,000 different types of bathtubs, showers and sinks on the market today. When shopping for a new bathroom you are quite literally trying to find the proverbial needle in a haystack. For example, on just on one big box retailers website alone, there are over 2,700 choices… it’s overwhelming.

That is why we have trained professionals on staff whose job is to inform and educate you on your choices. By asking questions, our consultants are able to whittle down your choices into a manageable handful.

By the time we are done, you will have a bathroom that you absolutely love.

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Isn’t A Shower Just A Shower… Aren’t You Just Trying To Compound The Issue Just To Sell Me Something?

First of all, we hate selling. In our experience, nobody likes to be sold anything… it’s insincere. That is why our staff is specifically trained to be consultants that inform and educate, NOT sell. This is particularly poignant because, contrary to popular belief, bathrooms are extraordinarily complicated. You literally have hundreds of items that have to come together perfectly. If your measurements are off by even 1/16th of an inch, your pipes won’t line up…or worse. This causes construction delays and cost overruns.

Then you have the issue of materials. There’s acrylic, fiberglass composites, enameled steel, cast iron, cultured marble, solid-surface polymers, tile and the list goes on.

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About Us

Founded in 1997, Quality Advantage Home Products, Inc., is a family-owned and -operated company specializing in bathroom renovations. As aging-in-place specialists, we can complete any modification necessary to make bathrooms safer for individuals with limited mobility. For instance, we perform tub to shower conversions during which we replace a tub/shower combo with a stylish, easy-to-maintain walk in shower. We also install walk in tubs, which are ideal for homeowners who might have trouble stepping over traditional tub walls and want a safer alternative. Here at Quality Advantage, we can do as much or as little as you want, from installing new lighting, flooring, and more, to adding simple safety features like grab bars. Plus, our products come in a wide selection of colors and styles, ensuring that your bathroom will be both beautiful and safe.

No matter what type of bathroom remodeling services you’re seeking from Quality Advantage, you can rest easy knowing that our long-term, factory-certified employees will be completing it. Our installers receive ongoing training, meaning they are fully knowledgeable on the latest advancements in the bathroom remodeling industry. Aside from having a highly skilled staff, we also provide a lifetime labor warranty on all of our services, and most of our manufacturers also offer lifetime product warranties, providing our customers with the ultimate peace of mind. To learn more about how Quality Advantage can transform your bathroom into a safer and more stylish one, contact us today.