No One Worries About The Future Very Much

Every Injury Or Illness Can Financially Devastate A Family’s Savings And Financial Stability.

Walk in Shower

Healthcare costs are soaring. Many long-term care insurance companies are going under. With one of our customers, the family spent over $30,000 in uninsured medical expenses and $8,000 or more, each and every month, IN CASH, for the spouses now required nursing home care. Few seniors or families can afford this.

Solution – Investing in preventative bathing safety products saves money and pays for itself.

Even the most expensive handicap accessible tub or shower can cost far less than a hospital stay or nursing home confinement. The investment in prevention and health is crucial to thriving in older age and preserving your cherished financial resources. Think of it this way, if someone is barely getting by financially‚Ķ they can’t afford NOT to invest in bathroom safety!

Life Changes….Your Bathroom Should Change With It.

More senior citizens are hurt in the bathroom getting in and out of bathtubs than I care to admit. Safety and convenience should ALWAYS be a factor when looking at a bathroom and bathroom remodel.

If you are anything like me, as we get older, it just gets harder and harder to get in and out of a bathtub. One of the most popular choices for many seniors is to upgrade their bathroom and install a low threshold shower. In fact, many seniors opt for both a walkin shower and a walk-in tub.

Let us transform your bathroom and make it the relaxing getaway it was meant to be. Stop worrying or stressing about if and how you are going to take a shower. Because of the way we have perfected bathroom remodels and the various product lines we carry, your bathroom remodel can be fast, easy, and worry free.

Here are just some of the ways your bathroom can be redesigned for wheelchair / handicap access.

  • Bathtubs can be very hazardous. Transferring from a wheelchair to the tub can be difficult. The tub area must be carefully designed to provide maximum safety. Bathtub and shower grab bars can be installed to provide support. Many people find it difficult to use a tub. Bath tubs can be replaced with showers.
  • It can be difficult for some of us to step in and out of a bathtub because of the high tub walls. We can make it easier by replacing your tub with a shower. We custom design our showers depending on your site conditions. The configuration of most existing bathrooms will limit the size of the shower to the tub area (standard tubs measure 30″ to 34″ x 60″).
  • Roll-in showers are also available. We suggest a shower with a slight curb but, there are times when a roll-in shower is your only option. The size of most existing bathrooms can limit the options to a tub to shower conversion. This limits the dimensions of the shower to the same floor area as the tub. A wheelchair will fit into the area but it is tight. Every home is different, so we customize a plan that meets your needs and space limitations.
  • Toilet seat height varies from one individual to another, usually between 17″ to 19″. Toilets can be replaced with special units or raised seats can be installed. Toilet grab bars can be installed for balance and support and to allow individuals to safely transfer from a wheelchair.
  • Sinks can be installed to allow wheel chair access. Vanity cabinets can be removed from below the sink. This will expose the plumbing pipes requiring covering with insulation or boxed in to prevent contact with sharp edges and burns by hot water pipes. Pedestal style sinks can give you a little more room to maneuver, but can be difficult to use from a wheelchair and are usually a couple of inches higher than the standard vanity top. We suggest a wall mounted lavatory.
  • Faucets can be replaced with single lever controls. Consider the use of anti-scald temperature controls that prevent the water temperature from exceeding an established limit.
  • Why do architects design, and builders insist on installing a 24″ door to the bathroom? Wheelchairs need a minimum 32″ door for a straight in approach. If the doorway is located in the typical hallway and requires turning a wheelchair, you’ll need a 36″ door.
  • Doors can be widened for wheelchair and walker access. We remove the existing door unit, relocate the light switch, widen the framed opening, install a new wider door unit and repair the finished flooring.
  • A swing away door hinge is also an option and will increase the door width by 2″.


About Us

Founded in 1997, Quality Advantage Home Products, Inc., is a family-owned and -operated company specializing in bathroom renovations. As aging-in-place specialists, we can complete any modification necessary to make bathrooms safer for individuals with limited mobility. For instance, we perform tub to shower conversions during which we replace a tub/shower combo with a stylish, easy-to-maintain walk in shower. We also install walk in tubs, which are ideal for homeowners who might have trouble stepping over traditional tub walls and want a safer alternative. Here at Quality Advantage, we can do as much or as little as you want, from installing new lighting, flooring, and more, to adding simple safety features like grab bars. Plus, our products come in a wide selection of colors and styles, ensuring that your bathroom will be both beautiful and safe.

No matter what type of bathroom remodeling services you’re seeking from Quality Advantage, you can rest easy knowing that our long-term, factory-certified employees will be completing it. Our installers receive ongoing training, meaning they are fully knowledgeable on the latest advancements in the bathroom remodeling industry. Aside from having a highly skilled staff, we also provide a lifetime labor warranty on all of our services, and most of our manufacturers also offer lifetime product warranties, providing our customers with the ultimate peace of mind. To learn more about how Quality Advantage can transform your bathroom into a safer and more stylish one, contact us today.