Case Studies

Case Studies

A Happy Military Veteran

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Peeler of Hampton, VA., contacted Quality Advantage for an estimate to remove a tub and install a walk-in shower. Mr. Peeler, a disabled veteran was not able to get into the bathtub safely.

Their consultant, Bryan Klee helped them to design and choose materials that would be easy for them to maintain and discussed additional safety precautions, including grab bars. Bryan promised them that they would be satisfied with Quality Advantage’s work and they chose to move ahead with the company.

During the installation, installers Travis and Hector asked for the client’s opinion on several items and included them in discussion while the job progressed. According to Mr. Peeler, “Travis and Hector are very good representatives for your company. They both have good work ethics. They are quick and professional in accomplishing their work and were extremely mindful of not doing damage to our home and they cleaned up when they finished.

Bryan kept his promise. Mr. and Mrs. Peeler were ecstatic with their modifications that will allow Mr. Peeler to live safely in his home for many years. We at Quality Advantage thank him for his service to our country.

Dante’s Hope

Helping Those In Need

Dante is a young man from Virginia Beach, VA with a severe brain disease that causes him to have seizures and have a difficult time getting around. His mother, Marlo, had a difficult time bathing him safely. She applied for assistance from a program but a bureaucratic loop-hole (her application was submitted a day early), she was denied any help.

Marlo met Jen, an employee of Quality Advantage at an event they were both attending. Jen was impressed with what a nice boy Dante was and she and Marlo talked about the challenges she faced on a daily basis.

Jen spoke with John, the owner and General Manager of Quality Advantage and relayed what she had learned about Dante. She wondered if there was any way that Quality Advantage could help. As a person very involved in his community and volunteer activities, John believes in helping others. He met Marlo and Dante and assessed their needs to make the bathing process safe for both of them.

Within weeks, Dante had a new walk-in shower where Marlo can be assured of his safety, courtesy of Quality Advantage. They are thrilled with this blessing.

Safety And Beauty For Our Retirement Years

Upgrade To A Walk-In Shower With Grab Bars

The Vaughan’s of Hampton, VA. were looking to remodel their master bathroom and install a walk-in shower. They were looking for an elegant look but equipped with safety bars. They did not want the fuss of a product that was difficult to clean and maintain. Their plan was to spend the rest of their retirement years in this home.

As homeowners, Judy and Willie intended to solicit proposals from three businesses. However, they were so impressed with Phillip’s (consultant) product knowledge, expertise, and professional demeanor that they committed to Simply Baths by Quality Advantage on the spot. According to Mr. Vaughan, “Boy-o-boy things continued to get better!”

At the time of the installation, the Vaughans praised the “keen workmanship, expertise, and commitment to excellence” of installers, Travis and Hector. They also commented on their courteous completion beyond their anticipation.

Choosing a walk-in shower with a color choice of Copper Ridge for the walls and ceiling, the Vaughans added brushed nickel fixtures and grab bars. They added custom shelving to hold their bath products. The acrylic product used on the walls and ceilings, while elegant looking is nearly maintenance free; no grout or tile to scrub. They also liked that the product has a life-time warranty – guaranteed not to crack, fade, or chip. The shower has the added exclusive protection of Silver Shield, infused into the product that attacks microbe cells to prevent bacteria from growing and reproducing.

The Vaughans can now proudly show off their beautiful new bathroom and be confident that they can safely enjoy it for the rest of their retirement years.

Professional Installation

Ms. Connolly and Mr. Draper of Williamsburg, VA., contacted several companies for estimates before deciding on Simply Baths by Quality Advantage. They had two bathrooms in need of updating and Phillip had just the right solution for them. The quality and features of the products won them over.

Over a 5 day period, Curtis and members of the installation team worked diligently to complete the jobs. Mr. Draper and Ms. Connolly appreciated that each day the crew covered the floors and the staircase leading to the second floor bathroom with a protective covering. They commented, “Everyone was courteous, focused and efficient. All executed their assigned tasks with a minimum of supervision and very little conversational interaction. We can’t say enough about the team’s overall professionalism. At the end of each day, the team carefully cleaned and removed any debris – leaving the house clean and ready for the next day’s work.

“I give QA high marks for their organization, teamwork, and quality workmanship,” said Mr. Draper

The two Williamsburg homeowners have added value to their beautiful home and have two bathrooms to enjoy for many years.